Ohio ClubGP Meet #1 of 1999

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Left to Right:  Jim Bush, Ryan Frost, Tim Lauro, Dave Stevens, & Cory Hathaway. (not pictured Johnny Carson & Ryan Havlicek)

Click here to see pics and frame captures from the meet.

A letter from the Club Admin. Dave Stevens

Ohio club GP had a good turn out and some good results from the Test and Tune on Saturday at the Norwalk Raceway Park.  Here are some
In attendance were
Cory Hathaway GT
Jim Bush GTP
Johnny Carson GTX
Dave Stevens GTX
Tim Lauro GTP
Ryan Frost GTP
Ryan Havlicek GT

Cory Hathaway dorned his Terminator style Grand Prix GT (one headlight removed and aluminum vent showing through) for a great run of 15.389 @ 87.75mph with a 60' time of 2.176. Jim Bush sported his Silvermist GTP to the starting line for a battle with the Fords.  A mustang GT thought he was up to the task.  Little could hold back Jim's silver arrow today.  All was told at the finish line with a personal RECORD SETTING run of 13.912 @ 99.38mph!!!! Needless to say Jim was happy about the run....and just had to wipe his feet (lets say he cleaned his tires off) as he parked the beast for cool down.  After exiting the vehicle Jim was quoted saying "Wow, I wonder if I could do any better if I removed everything from my trunk?" Within minutes it was discovered by the Ohio group that not only did Jim still have his spare/jack in there but about 100 lbs of tools and assorted items!  Jim found though that he would have to wait until his next Track visit to try and break the Ohio record for a Grand Prix in the 1/4 mile.  Jim's full ticket times can be seen below and will later be scanned in for varification purposes.

Jim Bush |
R/T  .681 |
60'  2.170 |
330' 5.888 |
1/8  8.993 |
MPH  79.43 |
990' 11.581 |
1/4  13.912 |
MPH  99.38 |

The record setting pass in Ohio is still held by Johnny Carson collecting 13.81 @ 97.5 mph in a previous track appearance.  Johnny was also in attendance for part of the day at Norwalk.  A respectable 14.60 was collected by Johnny before calling it a day with a failing Fuel Pump.  The smell of Gasoline was in the air at the GP pit area as Johnny tried to detect the problem. Dave Stevens (myself) was also in attendance and set a personal best for the GTX.  Exhaust and Ram-Air hood/induction was all he needed to pull of a personal best of 14.394 @ 97.01 mph.  A reaction time of .559 was also a personal best.  No detection of wheel spin from the cockpit of the White lightning.   GP admirer's in the stands inquired about the GTX and what modifications were made to pull that run.  With stock pulley still in place and only the SLP exhaust and Ram-Air, the GTX was able to pull off this respectable time.  Below is the full ticket times for this personal best run:
R/T .559
60' 2.263
330 6.103
1/8 9.311
MPH 76.72
990 11.993
1/4 14.394
MPH 97.01

Also in attendance was Ryan Frost, Tim Lauro, and Ryan Havlicek.  Their cars did not see the track this day.  This was the first time to the
track and the cars had very low miles on them.  As soon as they break in I suspect the modifications will begin.  They were able to see the
various setups with the few that were there and will be able to make a better informed decision on intake setups for their cars.
Another Ohio meeting will be posted in the near future.  A Gathering at Dave Stevens GTX household is being planned.  A final date is in the
works and will be posted ASAP.  We plan to have a pot-luck style meal with cook-out grill available.  Modification of the GTX's nose drive to
a Magnuson 3.4 nose will be done the same day.  Other modifications that may be done or worked on include the A-piller mount with boost and trans gauges and the Trans. Cooler.
More to come....

Dave S.
OHCGP Admin.